Leather is a wonderful material. It is created unique in its texture and sustainable. One of the most ancient materials known to mankind. Not ancient is what we create from it.


Our key leathers are veg tanned, hand tooled and finished. They mature and get better with age, like the Chianti we enjoy with our pizza. 😉
The surface has a nice grip. soon this leather will fascinate you with its wonderful and intense patina. It darkens a shade, with every ray of sunlight.
You’ll love to touch that full grain cowhide.

All of our bags and small leather goods has been HAND MADE. For more then 13 years we’re known for the exquisite HANDTOOLING of our leather products. This craft is a unique technique passed down generations and we still learn a lot.
Our ethos, from the unique designs to the hand tooling is to create leather artifacts that are unique, stylish and functional for our service while using old craftmanship.
They last a lifetime.. minimum till kingdom comes. 🙂


Besides all the well known and liked models, we are continously creating new products. First we analyse what would be useful and to your gusto.
A lot of your requests and ideas are going into this new products. therefore it always takes time till new ideas become real.
First the concept, then patterns are made, after that the first prototype is produced, and then testing and finishing the details.

We always love to hear from you, to find new ideas and designs. Just leave us a message! 🙂

Here you see a Leather artist who is working with us. he is crafting leather since more than 35 years.