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Leather is a wonderful material. It is a product of nature. Leather is unique in its texture.

playing with all the different types of leather and all the colours gives room for pure creativity. it is very exciting to, with the help of various technics, turn leather into an innovative accessoire.

besides all the well known and liked models, we are continously creating new products. first we analyse what would be useful and to your gusto. so you see, a lot of your requests and ideas are going into this new products. therefore it always takes time till new ideas become real. first the concept, then patterns are made after that the first in-leather sample is produced. now it can be tested to the acid.

Diligence and care in the working process as well as the best materials are dear to our hearts.
But here in Paraguay it is not to easy to produce steady quality. but with your help it is getting better and better.

"Cuero vegetal" (pure leather) this leather is vegetable-tanned. Cowhide to touch that darkens a shade with every ray of sunlight. The surface has a nice grip. soon this leather will fascinate you with its wonderful and intense patina.

"Cuero Vegetal color" (coloured leather, for example „vino, choco“) this auburn leather in its vintage-look varies in its shades and becomes unique this way. little anomalies in the leather are meant to be and will not be removed or corrected chemically.

Here we have tried to sort the leather according to its characteristics.
hopefully a help in choosing the right one for you personally



'Aniline dyed Leather' or 'Unfinished Leather' - leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes without covering the surface with a topcoat paint or insoluble pigments. Any visible variations on the surface of the undyed leather such as natural blemishes will remain visible. These dyes show the natural texture, but do not protect the leather from damage. this leather is superbly soft and supple with rich, penetrating colour.

'Pigmented Leather' or 'Finished Leather' - the leather gets topical coatings. That improves the durability and makes the colour more even. It's primary goal is to protect the leather, providing wear, stain, and fade resistance. it may not feature the same softness and suppleness as the 'Aniline dyed Leather' , but this extra coating of pigment will make it more durable and less susceptible to staining. the topical coating can range from thin to thick. If there is a very small amount of colour or clear coating on top, it offers modest protection while retaining much of the aesthetic beauty of an unfinished aniline dyed leather.


Ñandutí (Guarani, Ñandu = spider and -tí = Ending of the word for the colour white "morotí") is a handicraft lace, which is made out of fine strings,the technic is very similar to a spiderweb. a star shaped base is stretched out in a frame and then the strings connect from inside outwards like a spiderweb. this lace is used as an adornment on tablecloth, on dresses, and now also on our leather products.
this art is known just by a few women. the government runs projects to preserve this cultural heritage. some of our friends here are doing Ñanduty, too.



Here you see a Leather artist who is working with us. he is crafting leather since more than 35 years.