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Long time ago.. 10 years until now when we first saw Paraguay. We - that is Matias and I, Stefanie.

Two months earlier in July 2005 there was a call for help in the German Kingdom Ministry to encourage brothers to consider moving. Matias brother Christian and his wife Sarah already lived in Paraguay for some time, so that made things much easier. The first time we went we spent a total of 10 months there. Everything was so new and different. It was exciting to see how the first German groups and congregations were built up and so many young sisters and brothers responded to the call. During this time we also started working with leather. But then we had to return to Germany due to work and health reasons.

It was not easy to keep our spiritual goals awake in Germany. Life holds many distractions there. After more than three years we finally were able to return to Paraguay.

Life and people here are mostly wonderful. Every day we learn new things about the culture and mentality. Everything takes its time here, nothing runs fast. "Tranquilo", as they always say here.. This is sometimes a challenge, too.
We still love good ideas who often come from friends and our worldwide family. But to convert this idea into a finished product in leather, it takes a long way and you need a lot of patience and perseverance. But seeing the joy in the eyes of the friends and customers and hearing that what you made is very useful in service makes all the effort worthwile.

MY work, for example, is staying in touch with you. Many of you know me by e-mail or Facebook. And do I have great customers! Often we became friends for a lifetime and some of you even visited me here in Paraguay! :)
Matias takes care about our website and the leather itself. Ruth checks the product quality every Monday and then pack the parcels on Tuesdays. These are only some of the tasks we have to manage. And as I said, the clocks tick somewhat differently down here in South America, so not everything is as fast as in a first world country. ;)

But even though we are only a small team with everybody working part time, we really put our heart in to offer you the best products at a fast service.
Thank you so much for your support and making this whole project possible!

Agape & Big hugs,

Matias & Stefanie :)