How to get what you want.

How can you buy an article you like? Just click on “Order”. All we need is your name and address to create a new user account. This is your very own shopping cart connected to your name. All your data will be handled as confidential and stay with us only. Confirmation and invoice will reach you via email. Payment: Even if we don’t like to talk much about money, sometimes we have to. Payment is usually done by cash in advance. After your order is through you will receive an email with all required information. As soon as your payment reached us we pack up and send out your desired in-leder item. 

Shipping: Leather can also fly.

How much do I pay for shipping? Right now we ship our articles worldwide without for free without additional cost.

When will my order be delivered? The delivery time can take up to 10 weeks, but usually it works faster.

What postal service do you use? Your package will be sent with the Paraguayan postal service Correo Paraguay or if you want with EMS (includes tracking but has additional costs).

Can I track my package with a tracking number? Unfortunately the postal service in Paraguay does not offer track and trace. We want to send out your order cost-effective, that is why we have to just deal with it.

Where and when do I pay tax/customs? Please find information for your specific country through the internet, or ask at your local port office.

Complaint: There is a problem?

Let us talk about it. When you are not happy with your leather for any reason, if something was damaged or got lost, just get in touch with us. We will get together to find a solution we both can be happy about.

What happens when my parcel got damaged? Please contact the shipping company that delivered the parcel at your door directly and immediately. Additionally you can send an email to us so we can decide what should be done.

What if I do not like my product or it is lacking quality? Contact us and we will find a solution. Promised.

Can I send back products? Who will cover the cost? If you want to send back goods please contact us first. We will then offer you an address where you can ship – since the return shipment to Paraguay is way too complicated and expensive. We decide individually who covers the costs.

What do I have to do to cancel my order? Please send us an email with your request to cancel as soon as possibleor cancel directly vie your account on our website.

Is there a warranty on your products? Usually our leather goods will last you a lifetime. Of course feel free to contact us if something broke or has other defects. It will be decided if a guarantee case occurred.

What happens when my parcel from paraguay never reached me? Please contact us immediately, we will then communicate with the postal service and find a solution that will be satisfiying for you.

You have a special request?

Just write down what’s on your mind. Customized items usually cost about 50% more than a standard one. New bag concepts are always quite difficult to implement. But if it’s just something simple like a different colour or an additional zipper, then we are confident that we can do it. Get in touch with us and we will find out if it can be done and what it will cost.

In general: What you should know about our leather.

All our leather goods are impregnated. For further protection and care we recommend bees wax. Cleaning with lemon juice works well on genuine leather but not on dyed items. 
Book covers are always made of real leather. Some might seem too tight at first. The reason is that all edges are first glued together and sewn over later by hand. Best would be to widen the edges from the inside with a blunt item (spoon, butter knive, finger with cut nails). Besides the leather is still young and will widen by itself the more you use it.